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AskAshlee #InHerShoes

Posted on 18 February 2018


Meet our superwoman of the week is AskAshlee. AskAshlee is an advice columnist and vlogger dedicated to uplift, encourage, and inspire. She is an outlet for those that feel they are alone in their bad decisions, disappointments, trials and tribulations. An open space where the broken heart finds mending, the silenced has a voice, and the discouraged can get that extra nudge needed to push through. With at AskAshlee, you can share hardship, happiness, and hope, all while finding the feeling of support, peace, and friendship. 


AskAshlee began when one heart decided it could touch others through advice that is filled with Love, Compassion, Understanding, and Acceptance. The 31 year old mom of two, takes pride in being a nurse, confidant, personal cheerleader, provider and protector of her children. Although being a mom is just one hat of many, watching her children grow has been the ultimate expression of love and a breathtaking experience that she will forever be proud of. Outside of being a mom, Ashlee finds pleasure in being a volleyball coach, a cheer-leading coordinator, the Vice President of the PTA, and the Hot of her own talk show Monday Night Juice, which she allows entrepreneurs from all over the Greater Cincinnati area to utilize her platform and discuss their events and brand and a variety of different topics. Despite her many titles, daily duties, and endless responsibilities, she has an ear for listening, and a passion to help others overcome. We need a extra shot of espresso just to keep up with her.

(One of AskAshlee "Monday Night Juice" weekly events at Kickbacks)

We asked Ashlee what inspires her & she replied "I am inspired by the everyday men and women that get up to better influence their communities and those that are watching."


#InHerShoes An average day in my shoes would start around 5 am with a meditation (my one on one with the MOST HIGH is the most important part of the day for me) and activating my inner chakras, making breakfast for my family, getting my loves off to school and coming home to check emails, reach out to potential guests for the show, responding to several Ask Ashlee inquiries and then headed out for a jog. That’s all before 10 am! Around noon I will start to prepare for one of my videos, then I dig into my research for a variety of projects I have been chosen for. Around 2:15 my children are headed back home from school, so we head to the library for studying time, I usually use this time to continue my research and prepare for my next show. Around 5 I’m back home cooking again for my family and checking homework. Around 7:30 I’m back to my writing for the advice column of two magazines I now freelance write for and I continue this until it’s time for my children to go to bed. Sometime after 10 pm I will free write for an hour to finish the book I am working on now and then  I find other ways for me to improve my craft and skills, whether that is reading a good book, or studying some of my favorite talk show hosts, like OPRAH ! Yes I love Oprah!!! Can we say SUPERMOM. You go honey, i'm exhausted just by reading a average day in your shoes. 

(AskAshlee Birthday Celebration)

Something fun to know about Ashlee "I LOVE VOLLEYBALL! I still find myself getting on the court from time to time and diving for balls and scraping my knees as if I am still 16 lol." We are happy you still can get down & dirty on the courts.

(AskAshlee motivational quotes)

On Barcode Glam we asked what shoe represents her, she replies "The shoe that would define me is either RED HOLIDAY or FEVER!!!!! I love the fact that we as women can be so successful and sooooo sexy while doing it!!!" That is our motivation. Get Glam or Be Bare #BarcodeGlamGal

 (RED HOLIDAY Heels on Barcode Glam)

(FEVER on Barcode Glam)

AskAshlee is a positive force around Cincinnati, Ohio & we love her at Barcode Glam. If you need advice, motivation or just what to attend one of AskAshlee events please follow her on Twitter: @1AskAshlee FB: @AskAshlee Instagram: @Ask_Ashlee or Snapchat: @Ask-Ashlee To contact her please send a email to



The #InHerShoes is a movement of like minded women. We want to empower the Entrepreneur, Career & Positive Women around us. Grow, Support & be United with other Boss Babes in the community. We are the real Superwoman! Join us on our FB Group #InHerShoes we want to hear from you.

Please Comment & Share the AskAshlee  #InHerShoes story. We want to keep the spirit of support for our superwomen.

Written By: Jordan Calvert 


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