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Dominique Coleman #InHerShoes

Posted on 17 April 2018

This weeks’ Super Woman is the wonderful Dominique Coleman! Dominique is 32 years old, has four children & is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has been a nail tech for four years and is now a instructor. She specializes in nature nails and pedicures are her favorite services to provide!

(Dominique Coleman)

              Dominique is inspired by other women going after their goals and dreams. She says that other nail techs in the industry inspire her to keep working so she can become better at what she does. Dominique’s inspiration and drive to excel at what she does is inspiring to all of us as well!

              An average day in Dominique’s shoes is waking up at 5 am to get her kids off to school by 8 am. After that, she goes back and gets herself ready to go into the salon from 10 am-3 pm. Once she leaves the salon she picks everyone up and gets them off to practice and back home to do homework. Then she says she breathes and then eats.  Dominique’s drive for her business and devotion to her family shows what a true superwoman she is!

Nails Service by Dominique Coleman(Dominique Nail Services)

              Something fun about Dominique is she likes to try new things. She is always up for something new! We are sure this sense of adventure and willingness to try new things plays a huge role in her working life as well!

(More of Dominique's work)

              On Barcode Glam, Dominique feels SUZZY is a reflection of her. She likes plain with a little of something that sticks out and sparkles. She always tries to wear a shoe that will catch people’s attention, so if it’s plain with rhinestones or glitter on them she’s all in! 

(SUZZY #heels from Barcode Glam)

            Us #BarcodeGlamGals have to keep our feet & toes perfect to show off those fabulous shoes, so we will be making a appointment for Dominique's pedicures very soon. Dominique, we are so inspired by your drive to work hard, your dedication to your family, and the way you make a statement with what you wear. You sparkle on the inside and out! If you would like to inquire about Dominique's Services or Schedule a appointment, contact information is below.

Instagram: Nails_by_Nique1985
Facebook: Nails by Nique 

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Written By: Jordan Calvert 

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