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Monique C. Johnson #InHerShoes

Posted on 25 September 2017


We are introducing our next Superwoman; Dr. Monique C. Johnson. Monique is a PhD Graduate from Penn State University, she is a dedicated Career Coach who is effectively empowering young women and girls to fulfill career opportunities. Originally from Massachusetts, Monique moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where she came to understand the importance of being proactive and focused on career success. With over 20 years of experience in academia, career counseling and administration, as well as relocating to four different states, she is determined to encourage others to successfully work through career challenges and life changes. She lives by the motto “Start and Modify as You Go,” recognizing that life is not about being perfect. Her previous co-workers are impressed with her ability to listen, support, and provide different perspectives to various situations. When she is not coaching others through career transitions, she is working as a Diversity Consultant with schools. She also assists her husband of 20 years with their real estate investment business and is the proud mother of three teenagers.

Monique C. Johnson

           I had the pleasure of recently meeting Monique in the summer of 2017. She gave off such a positive vibe & with her years of experience I was excited to get to know her. Plus we have the same last name so I knew she was a superwoman. Monique finds her inspiration in a few ways. First, she is inspired by courageous women who go after their dreams despite their fears, and anyone who is an over comer- someone who has excelled despite their circumstances. Also, she finds inspiration through individuals who use their gifts to serve others. Finally, her faith is a big inspiration to her and keeps her going every day, Amen!

(Summer 2017 when I meet Monique C. Johnson at Women Supporting Women Event in Cincinnati, Ohio)

        Taking a walk #InHerShoes, an average day for Monique, we see that she is an entrepreneur, mother, and wife- three areas she gives of herself every day. Once she gets her family out the door, she usually begins her day journaling or writing. She keeps a gratitude journal and writes down three things she is grateful for each day. Then she carves out time to organize her family life, schedule or participate in meetings, and work on her business throughout the day. She typically works until her kids are out of school for the day, but has many days she works in the evenings. As an entrepreneur, she has flexibility to be available for her family any time she desires. #Goals

(Monique C. Johnson Consulting Company)  

              Monique has lived in five states throughout her life, four of these moves due to corporate relocation's.  This career coach enjoys decorating and finds excitement in redecorating with each move she makes. At one point she even had a blog that focused on DIY projects and family lifestyle. I might need to collaborate with her on my 1st home buying & decor. She probably can give me pointers & save me a lot of money. #AlwaysTheGoal

          Monique empowerment feet always needs the perfect shoes to wear in her endeavors. So we asked, "Which shoe is a reflection of you on Barcode Glam & why"?  She answers "Black Cadence "  She loves the peep toe on this sleek looking, somewhat classic shoe. As she ages, she likes to think of herself as classic in terms of having wisdom, but is still young at heart. Along with this, black is a color that can be worn with many things. Black is & will forever be sexy.

               Monique is the superwoman to get you career focused & prepare you for your adulthood journey. Get to know this inspiring lady, visit her website &  You can find her consulting website at

              The #InHerShoes is a movement of like minded women. We want to empower the Entrepreneur, Career & Positive Women around us. Grow, Support & be United with other Boss Babes in the community. We are the real Superwoman! Join us on our FB Group #InHerShoes we want to hear from you.

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