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Morgan Owens #InHerShoes

Posted on 20 September 2017


There is a SuperWoman within our mix, this lady is a business brand force to reckoned with. The brand guru I am speaking of  is  Morgan A. Owens. Morgan is a not only a brand guru but a bubbly, passionate and determined woman. She was raised in an ambitious, yet supportive household in Cincinnati, Ohio. Morgan has a Bachelor’s degree in English/Creative Writing with a Minor in Criminology from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio). She also plans to pursue her MBA in Marketing and Social Media. Boss Babe on the move right?! There is no stopping this women.


 (Morgan A. Owens)

In 2014, she decided to launch her own fitness class, Curvy Cardio. Having struggled with weight issues all her life, she is passionate about motivating others and sharing her story. The purpose of Curvy Cardio is to help women embrace their curves (no matter what size) and love their bodies free of body shaming. Curvy Cardio has been featured on WLWT, Issues with Jan Michelle-Kearney, Cincy Chic, WCPO Insider, The Cincinnati Herald, Fitness Blogs such as Black Women Do Workout, and 1230AM. She was recognized as a 2016 Bright Awards winner in Entrepreneurship. The Bright Awards honors African American young adults who have made a positive impact on the community through entrepreneurship, community service and professionalism.

 (Werk Book & Other Merchandise from Morgan A Owens Brand) 

            (Morgan A. Owens Brand)

Recently at the National Leadership conference for Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority Inc. She was invited to share her entrepreneurial journey on the P&G My Black is Beautiful” panel discussion. More recently; She was sought out to aid as an influencer for Proctor & Gamble as a voice for African American millennials. Curvy Cardio also partnered with UC Health for Minority Health Month for its signature “30 days of werk” online programming 2016. She recently launched the Morgan A. Owens brand & was established as a voice for women who had a desire to become more marketable in their corporate careers as well as entrepreneurial endeavors. With the mission that women can be “powerful and pretty,” the Morgan A. Owens brand has fostered strong relationships with leading companies and organizations including the African American Chamber of Commerce, The Cincinnati Herald, and Urban League YP of Southwestern Ohio. Morgan has more accolades then I can mention in my little blog article. Her story is so inspiring. She believes you should treat everyone with respect no matter who they are or what position they are in. She lives by the belief, “Give a woman a good shade of lipstick and she can conquer the world.”

(The Boss Babe)

#InHerShoes An average day in her shoes is not exactly average. As an entrepreneur, there is so much to do in one day and the tasks can always change day by day, and even minute by minute. What remains consistent in her life is waking up with a winning attitude and knowing she is going to accomplish some type of goal. What inspires her most is "seeing women who look like her, being successful." She believes that "the sky's the limit, and knowing that they have been able to flourish and succeed by staying true to the skin that they’re in and breaking down barriers".

This boss babe is a lipstick junkie, and could probably wear one lipstick a day for a year and not have a repeat (which totally makes sense why her favorite quote has to do with lipstick). I would love to see her collection.

With all the power in each step Morgan makes; We asked "What is your favorite shoe on Barcode Glam?" She responds "Suzzy because it’s glitz, glam, chic and extra just like her". LOL My advice to all who is reading this, get to know Morgan & her brands. She is going the extra mile & maybe able to assist you in your endeavors. Besides she is a fun girl; laughs & business conversations is always good. 

The #InHerShoes is a movement of like minded women. We want to empower the Entrepreneur, Career & Positive Women around us. Grow, Support & be United with other Boss Babes in the community. We are the real Superwoman! Join us on our FB Group #InHerShoes we want to hear from you.

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