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Olivia Moore #InHerShoes

Posted on 02 October 2017

Introducing our newest Superwoman: Olivia Moore. Olivia is a Nationally Published fashion and editorial makeup artist working throughout the United States in Print, Video, Television, and Fashion. In addition, Olivia was also featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network (6 Little McGhees-January 2013). Talk about a Boss Babe! Her work has been seen in ALT, VECU, Kouture, Fault, Role Model, and Vibrant magazines. To add to her superstar credentials, Olivia has worked with Project Runway fashion designer Korto Momolu, couture designer Malena Ruth Beverly Hills, actor/ designer CCH Pounder, Lauren Luna, and LeGair Brands. She was also an International Beauty Contributor to Folk magazine in Norway.

(Olivia Moore glowing! You see that highlighter.)

              When asked what inspires her, Olivia says color, texture and her dreams. She often dreams of makeup looks and concepts and sketches them out. Olivia’s self-inspiration is oh so inspiring to us all!

   #InHerShoes An average day in Olivia’s life begins by waking up at 4:45 and praying, approaching each day with gratitude. She knows her work is a blessing and she doesn’t take it lightly. There are days she is on set for 12-14 hours, so she plans ahead by prepping her meals in advanced. She works hard, makes connections, networks, sends out invoices, makes phone calls, schedules appoints, and searches for new work. In addition to all of this, Olivia feels the most important part of her day is spent researching new trends, products, artist, etc. What an inspiring example of a hard-working, powerful woman!

(Olivia Moore mua work)

              A fun fact Olivia shared with us is she’s getting married!! She says everyone wants to know who will be doing her makeup…but I think we can all guess the answer to that! Congrats Olivia, we know you’ll be a beautiful bride!

(Olivia's mua work)

              We asked Olivia which shoe she felt was a reflection of her on Barcode Glam, which she replied with SUZZY! She loves being unique, loves bling, and loves to show off her work. Olivia says, “These shoes are so me and represent all that I characterize myself as.”

        Olivia's highlight blend is LIT! I suggest you book you makeup session with her asap. Ready for you face beat contact Olivia via email 

 The #InHerShoes is a movement of like minded women. We want to empower the Entrepreneur, Career & Positive Women around us. Grow, Support & be United with other Boss Babes in the community. We are the real Superwoman! Join us on our FB Group #InHerShoes we want to hear from you.

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