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Salimah Abdul-Hakim #InHerShoes

Posted on 09 October 2017

Introducing our newest Superstar, Salimah Abdul-Hakim. Salimah is the chef and owner behind L. Mari Catering, LLC, specializing in Urban Cuisine through private to full scale catering, specialty events, and meal preparation. Their mission is to redefine your taste buds, one delicious bite at a time through their various food fare. Sounds absolutely delicious!

(Salimah Abdul-Hakim)

              Salimah finds her inspiration through love, community, and creativity. She has a passion and love for what she does each and every day, along with love for the communities and clients she serves and the ability to express her artistic nature through the dishes she creates. Her inspiration and loving spirit is inspiring to us all!

              Looking at an average day in the shoes of Salimah, we see her responding back to current and potential emails from clients. Next comes marketing and networking; finding new ways online and offline to get the company name out and grow clientele. Then she begins coordinating events, shopping for supplies, meeting with suppliers, prepping food in the commercial kitchen in OTR, and planning future events.

              Outside of her awesome workplace, Salimah loves traveling.  Her favorite destinations are Paris and San Juan, PR! She’s an adrenaline junkie; however, she doesn’t like roller coasters. Salimah sounds like the ideal travel partner and I’m sure she could recommend some great restaurants while traveling too!

              We asked what shoe on Barcode Glam Salimah feels she relates to and she said “The Royal Bunny”. She says it’s sexy, different, bold, classy, and a tad “extra”. Sounds like a good combination! She feels the shoe reflects some of her personality because it is subtle, yet vibrant. It’s not just a blue pump, the fur ball adds an extra flare to it, which reminds her of how she doesn’t want to be standard, she wants to be the next level. We think that’s awesome Salimah!

            Salimah just catered our event Breakfast with the Girls & the food was fabulous! Please follow her on social media if you are looking for great food dishes, catering, or inspiration from the wonderful lady she is! Social media handle (Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter): @LMariCatering Also you can reach her on her website at

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