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Magenta Madness

Posted on 04 October 2017

This just in: Magenta is going to be one of this year’s “IT” colors, and us girls at Barcode Glam are super excited! As you can tell by our website, we love anything pink, so it’s really cool to see this color making a statement not only on the runway, but in the streets!

 Some of the most memorable shows that incorporated magenta were the 2017 H&M Fashion Show and the Tracy Reese 2018 Resort 2018 collection. Take a look at these pics below.

H&M incorporated Magenta into their runway show not only with clothes like this super sleek and cool athletic look, but also in a simple but chic way with adding it as a statement lippie to their model’s makeup.

(2017 H&M Runway Show)

Tracy Reese really made a statement with these beautiful head to toe magenta outlays. Both of these looks incorporate sleek lines while keeping a cool oversize silhouette for a modern twist on business wear.

(Tracy Reese 2018 Resort Collection)

As many of you may know fashion week is all about strutting your best looks. Looking throughout the streets you see a bunch of cool and creative ways of styling certain trends. Check out these pictures of the most memorable magenta ensembles!

(Fly Girls in the streets of New York)

 If you like any of these looks or need some more inspiration about how to try this #BarcodeGlamTrend yourself, make sure to follow our pinterest by searching Barcode Glam and looking under our trend of the week board!

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Article Written by: Serina Sabedra


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