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Lash Mentorship In-Person Class- $1000 per person
Lash Mentorship In-Person Class- $1000 per person
Lash Mentorship In-Person Class- $1000 per person

Lash Mentorship In-Person Class- $1000 per person

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Lash Mentorship In-Person Class - $1000 per person

$500 Deposit Due Today ( Non- Refundable & Non-Transferable)

  • One Month - HANDS ON Experience 
  • The rest of the class fee $500 is due the 1st day of mentorship (CASH ONLY)

When you enroll in Barcode Glam Studio Lash Mentorship In-Person Class you have one on one guidance of a seasoned professional lash artist. When you receive the lash certification prior to this mentorship class you are not ready to start working on pay clients. YOU NEED PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE and that is what this mentorship is for, the Experience. The lash mentorship class is your apprenticeship into the artistry of lash extensions. Certification has given you the fundamentals, but mentorship will refine your technique and build your confidence through hands-on practice. You'll learn the subtleties of lash isolation, the art of mapping lashes to enhance natural beauty, and the nuances of adhesive application that make all the difference in client comfort and retention. Clients trust us to enhance their eyes, and the mentorship class ensures you're equipped to deliver impeccable results every time. It's about honing your skills under expert guidance, gaining insights into client consultations, and handling real-world challenges with finesse. This experience will prepare you to stand out in the industry, ensuring your career begins on a strong foundation of practical expertise and professional excellence. This mentorship class is not for people who have not took the initial lash certification class. The in-person class will be held at Barcode Glam Studio 7817 Cooper Rd Suite B Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Barcode Glam Studio Lash educators have spent countless hours researching, testing and refining the lash extension curriculum. Certified students will gain invaluable experience, polished lash skills, and the confidence they need to further build their lash empire. You will receive certification when you complete the class in full.

Mentorship Program:

Gaining Lashing Experience for and entire month with seasoned professional lash artist

  • 3-4 days a week for a entire month practicing your skills
  • Hands On Training
  • Advanced Lash Styles
  • Advance Mapping Techniques
  • Adding Lash Art
  • Top Retention Techniques  
  • Certification for Lashing Hours

(THIS MENTORSHIP IS FOR CERTIFIED LASH ARTIST IN CLASSIC AND HANDMADE VOLUME LASH FANS ) If you have not taken the fundamental lash certification class, then you must do that 1st before taking the mentorship class. 

Class fees and deposits are non-refundable!

Class Time - One Month Long (will discuss the schedule 3 days after the purchase is made)

If you have any questions about the class call us at 513-294-8587

By purchasing this class you confirm all the below terms:

Barcode Glam Studio Education Final Training Terms

I understand and agree that the final payment $500 is due the 1st day of mentorship class . Your class training month is selected by you when purchasing the mentorship program. The weekly schedule will be agreed upon by both you & the mentor of the class after purchasing the program. The mentor will contact the mentee within 3 days after the purchase is made to discuss the weekly schedules of the month which the mentee have selected. 

I understand and agree that my deposit as well as class fees are non refundable and non transferable.

I understand and agree that if I am unable to attend the class (including due to travel or health issues) and I am not eligible for a refund.

I understand and agree that Barcode Glam Studio Education has Intellectual Property Rights of the Barcode Glam Studio Education Training Manual and Training Program. Copying and publishing is not allowed without written consent of Barcode Glam Studio.

I understand and agree that Barcode Glam Studio Education Training Manual is for personal use only. Legal actions will be taken against those who copy and/or publish the Barcode Glam Studio Education Training Manual.

I understand and agree to refrain from copying, disclosing, selling, or offering for sale any and all of the information provided during the training class. I understand the reproduction of another party’s works could constitute infringement and copying is strictly prohibited.