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Amazing Support is always Necessary as a Entrepreneur

I tend to miss a lot of holiday's & birthday's because of my travels. March 9th is a very important day when that day came around I was out of town. Of course I had to make up this very important day. You ask why is this day so special. Well March 9th is the day Maria Jones was born. You ask who is Maria Jones?; singing "that's my best friend, that's my best friend, flexin' (Young Thug).

Maria Jones is such a amazing lady; Godly, humble, sweet as pie,  & cute. Her hair is natural, long, doesn't wear make-up, & she thick wit (urban dictionary) it too. She should have been wifed (urban dictionary) up when we left college but the way y'all men are made up makes me so angry. Someone should smack a lot of y'all. Anyways that’s another story; but our friendship is 15 years strong. We met during our 1st college tour at the University of Cincinnati. Now she can't get rid of me, lol. 

When I came up with the idea for Barcode Glam; Maria Jones was by my side to support. If there are events in town she keeps me informed about them, she also helps assist me with vendor tables. If I need help for a photo shoot, she is in the alley holding up a blanket as I change outside.  When I am out of town Maria holds it down but shipping my Barcode Glam orders. She often proofreads most of my articles ( to make sure I don’t sound too crazy). But most of all she is there for me as a genuine friend. Basically she puts up with all my craziness. And  I am a lot to handle! But she is not only a friend but an amazing supporter in everything I do. 

When her birthday came I had to show her my appreciation even if it was weeks later. I usually send gifts ( shoes, flowers, jewelry etc…) when I am out of town, but this year was different. I told her to pick a restaurant for dinner & we would have your birthday all over again. I always try to find reason to get dressed up & take pictures. I told her we are going to get extra dressed up for her celebration. She really didn’t listen to me about the extra dressed up thing, but she was still cute. She wore a teal green skater dress ( BarIII ) with a gold zipper down the front center from MACY's & Michael Kors gold zip up heels. I wore an all white long sleeve tight midi dress( I couldn’t believe I could fit into this dress because it was my 1st time wearing it after I purchased it 3 years ago I don't remember where I purchased it from) with Barcode Glam YANKA gold heels. Dinner was at Jag's Steak & Seafood Piano Bar in West Chester, Ohio. This place was so grown, classy, & fun with a live band. Of course I dropped the Abby Girls cupcakes,  I had purchased for her but the waitress was kind enough and found one good cupcake out of the mix & added a candle for her birthday song. I can't be cute & responsible for getting food and. Balloons to the location at the same time. All & all we had a great time & I was happy to show her how much I appreciate her, and her support for my business. 


If you are a small business owner & you don't have a best friend intern; (Maria doesn't know that is her title yet) but you are definitely losing in life! And I am not sharing Maria Jones. But having a good support system is the most important thing any entrepreneur can have. Support motivates you to move forward when times get tough, and pushes  you past your normal limits & calms you when needed. You just can't be superwomen or man 24/7. Help is something you need whether you like it or not. So get a good circle of individuals around you & don't be afraid to ask for help   when needed.

I am placing Maria's profile on & Tinder soon! We need to see the best of both world's, interviews will be conducted by me so no bs. Applications are now being accepted for a future Godly Husband. BTW she didn't proof read this part of the article so she is going to kill me for writing this, lol. Hopefully, I'm still alive to read all your comments. 


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  • Vanessa Starr

    This article is a tribute so wonderful, so sincere & heartfelt. I love the way you honor and cherish the value of true friendship placed before you. Blessings to you both! I hope this article and its principal purpose inspires others to celebrate unity. Love the gratitude and admiration! Happy Born Day Queen and goodluck to you both on your future endeavors ?

  • Chanel

    Love this!!!! Best friends are the best ???✨?

  • Best Friend

    Oh Best Friend I am so going to get you for that last paragraph… I just love you..

  • Tammy Westmoreland

    Love the article! The friendship you all share is rare so continue to nurture it and support each other. Keep doing what you are doing, you are a beautiful person on the outside and in.

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