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Fashionable Night in Cincinnati

I am truly obsessed with attending fashion forward events. Now when I heard about Pinnacle 360◦ Fashion Experience, I thought to myself “okay another fashion show in Cincinnati, OH”. But I love to support other small businesses, because guess what I am a small business owner & I can relate. So, I decided to attend this 360◦ Fashion Experience. I tell you my experience was not just “another fashion show” in Cincinnati. It gave me life! (Grind and Glaze model on the runway) Getting ready for this event my outfit was planned; hunter green deep-v bodysuit from Forever21, lime green thick fabric pleated skirt from H&M, Gold Metallic Peep Toe heels (Yanka) & Hunter Green Purse (Money Bag) both heels...

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Mother's Day 2018 is a single holiday to celebrate our mothers. But we have a head start to the celebration. Here at Barcode Glam we are celebrating all week long. Mothers are the single most important individual in this entire world. I have yet to experience motherhood but I know for a fact being a MOM is the most toughest, nurturing, loving, selfless & rewarding job a women will ever have.  "The meaning of being a mother is virtually endless. A mother is a protector, disciplinarian and friend. A mother is a selfless, loving human who must sacrifice many of their wants and needs for the wants and needs of their children. A mother works hard to make sure their...

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Garden Party Heels & Bow Tie Collaboration

For the past two years; I meet, network & support other female entrepreneurs like myself in Cincinnati, OH. Danielle Delaine owner of Chapeau Couture is one of those female entrepreneurs. Now I meet Danielle aka Danni during the Cincy Pop Shop in November 2016. Danni was my business neighbor in the shared space of the Cincy Pop Shop. She was a entrepreneur I could relate to; she had a lot more experience as a entrepreneur then myself & she was fun to be around. When she asked me to co-host the Garden Party; I was more than excited to join her & another female entrepreneur Tammy Westmoreland. (Me & Danni a couple days before the Garden Party) The Garden Party...

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POP-UP SHOPS are Essential Approaches for Marketing

As a entrepreneur and owning a small business (Barcode Glam); one of the most important strategies is good marketing. I want my brand in front of as many people I can possibly access. I love my business but I absolutely hate Marketing. It just seems so foreign to me; I can run the company & make it look pretty while doing it. But marketing on social media is something I dread, it’s real work to me. Anyways for my marketing strategy I use flyers, facebook ads, social media post, vendor booths at conventions, workshops, stand out branding, & etc… All of my marketing efforts seem to help, but it’s nothing like having a physical location. Consumers like to see, touch,...

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Barcode Glam Goes to LA

Recently, I had a work trip to San Diego, CA for three weeks. During that stay, I had a few free days to enjoy sunny California. Most of my free days were spent going to brunch, drinking mimosas on the beach and enjoying every part of San Diego. However, on one of those free days, I decided to dedicate some quality time to Barcode Glam. It's Spring & I needed new items to stock Barcode Glam inventory. So, I drove to LA's Fashion District.  (Selfie before the drive to LA) San Diego to Los Angeles, CA is a one hour and a half drive without traffic. Everyone knows it's bumper to bumper traffic but I was still excited as I entered LA, after a two...

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