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Barcode Glam Goes to LA

Recently, I had a work trip to San Diego, CA for three weeks. During that stay, I had a few free days to enjoy sunny California. Most of my free days were spent going to brunch, drinking mimosas on the beach and enjoying every part of San Diego. However, on one of those free days, I decided to dedicate some quality time to Barcode Glam. It's Spring & I needed new items to stock Barcode Glam inventory. So, I drove to LA's Fashion District.

 (Selfie before the drive to LA)

San Diego to Los Angeles, CA is a one hour and a half drive without traffic. Everyone knows it's bumper to bumper traffic but I was still excited as I entered LA, after a two hour drive. I have visited LA in the past for vacation trips, but never for Barcode Glam, so this was new to me. I was not prepared and didn’t know what to expect but this was my spontaneous trip. Since I didn’t plan it, I was very unaware of how LA Fashion District operates. I thought I could just walk into the building, show proof of a re-seller license, and begin to shop. That was a dream! The LA Fashion District is not a building, but is a mini shopping town within the Los Angeles city limits. There are rows & rows of streets, all for shopping. Anything you need within the retail industry for fashion was all in the LA Fashion District

 (Me realizing how LA Fashion District works.)

Now, at this point, reality hits & my excitement turned to anxiety. Where do I start? How do I know which store would be best for Barcode Glam? Why am I here by myself? All these questions just hit me at once. Then, I pulled myself together to call the number attached to the LA Showroom website. Finally, I got my sense of direction back and my anxiety slowly creeped away. The first store that caught my eye was called "Girly". I found the address and GPS'd to the location. 

 (Shopping Bag filled with new items for Barcode Glam)

Now, at this time my anxiety is gone, but upon getting out of the car and entering into the store I became overwhelmed. The store was huge and had a lot of merchandise. I then realized I came here with a purpose. Now it's time to shop. That day, I spent a couple hours just on one street going into every store that caught my attention for Barcode Glam. Within a couple hours of shopping I was exhausted & hungry. Now, when I get hungry, it's really time to go because I get irritable. So, the day of shopping came to an end. I was able to get a lot of good items for Barcode Glam and a better understanding of how the LA Fashion District operates. It was a good day for Barcode Glam. I will go back but next time a week spent in LA Fashion District might allow me to cover the entire area.    

 (End of my shopping day, rocking MUSE-BLUE sunglasses from Barcode Glam)

Wait until you see the new items I purchase for Barcode Glam. I hope you enjoyed this article. Please Comment your thoughts and Share.



  • Desiree Skinner

    Great job! I’m glad that you had that free day to go and experience LA Fashion District for Barcode Glam. It takes courage to venture out and explore outside your comfort zone. But that is you are; Brave, Courageous and a Risk Taker. You took a chance and it paid off. The next time you will know to pack a lunch and be able to spend more time there. ?

  • Tonika

    New experiences is always a great feeling. Looks like you had a blast!!

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