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Garden Party Heels & Bow Tie Collaboration

For the past two years; I meet, network & support other female entrepreneurs like myself in Cincinnati, OH. Danielle Delaine owner of Chapeau Couture is one of those female entrepreneurs. Now I meet Danielle aka Danni during the Cincy Pop Shop in November 2016. Danni was my business neighbor in the shared space of the Cincy Pop Shop. She was a entrepreneur I could relate to; she had a lot more experience as a entrepreneur then myself & she was fun to be around. When she asked me to co-host the Garden Party; I was more than excited to join her & another female entrepreneur Tammy Westmoreland.

(Me & Danni a couple days before the Garden Party)

The Garden Party is our 1st event together & was created to bring something different to Cincinnati, Oh. We wanted men & women to get dressed up for something else besides church & the club. The Garden Party was a daytime socialize event; a mixture of indoor & outdoor entertainment. Now planning this event was a headache & me being out of town majority of the planning didn’t make the situation better. Each idea we planned had a hiccup, but we were determined as a group to create something we never created before.  We wanted the Garden Party to be a lasting impression to our guest with nice ambiance, food, entertainment, & shopping. 

On July 16, 2017 the Garden Party date was here & I was more then ready to get this event start & finished all at the same time. Now like I said before this was our 1st event together & we didn’t take into account all aspects of hosting a event. Like a set -up crew; I didn’t know what we were think at the time of planning but we didn’t think to add a set-up crew to the budget. Hell we probably was think we were super women & we could take care of it ourselves. I will let you know right now, that thought will never cross my mind again. A set-up crew is a must & will be at all my events I host. Now 4pm was fast approaching & my hair was beginning to get bigger & bigger (natural hair problem) as I was setting up what was needed at the event. If I had a set up crew my edges & roots would still be laid. But the event was here & our guest started to arrive. As I rushed to get dressed I thought to myself we didn’t do so bad after all.

We began the event on time Maria Jones had the décor nice & clean, DJ GUYWES was on the 1’s & 2’s, Brandan Wesson from Wessography was capturing ever moment of the Garden Party, & the three host running around with our head cut off to tie up loose ends. The Garden Party was a learning experience for me but all & all great event even with all the hiccups. I am very appreciative of everyone who came out to support our vision & y’all looked darn good doing it too. My #1 advice to someone hosting a Garden Party; Never host it in the summer its to darn hot & nobody wants to enjoy the actual garden.

By now you all should know I love to get dressed for no reason; with this being the 2nd event I have hosted there will be more events to come but bigger & better. Stay tuned y’all I’m just a Midwest girl trying to bring exciting events to the city & trying to give myself more reasons to dress extra saucy for…lol


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