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POP-UP SHOPS are Essential Approaches for Marketing

As a entrepreneur and owning a small business (Barcode Glam); one of the most important strategies is good marketing. I want my brand in front of as many people I can possibly access. I love my business but I absolutely hate Marketing. It just seems so foreign to me; I can run the company & make it look pretty while doing it. But marketing on social media is something I dread, it’s real work to me. Anyways for my marketing strategy I use flyers, facebook ads, social media post, vendor booths at conventions, workshops, stand out branding, & etc… All of my marketing efforts seem to help, but it’s nothing like having a physical location. Consumers like to see, touch, & feel product. But since I am a online business my customer have only access to pictures & description of the items.

(The Love I have for my Business. FYI The logo did change since this photo)

My favorite person/ assistant Maria Jones (featured in Amazing Support is always Necessary as a Entrepreneur) informed me about the Cincy Pop Shop opportunity during 2016 holiday season. You ask what is a POP SHOP??? Pop Shop is the equivalent to Pop-Up Shop. “Pop-Up retail is the temporary use of physical space to create a long term, lasting impressions with potential customer.” This is a unique opportunity for a online business like myself for customers to reach out & touch product. “Here today gone tomorrow” motto.

(The ribbon cutting at the opening day of Cincy Pop Shop in Carew Tower)

Barcode Glam was one of the nine businesses awarded a space for the Pop Shop 2016 by the City of Cincinnati. I had a temporary location for Barcode Glam from 11/26/16-12/31/16, located in the Carew Tower in downtown Cincinnati. During my Pop Shop experience, I could begin to understand the responsibilities for operation of a retail location, market to customers and I was able to be more one on one with my customers, socializing and learning more about the product your customers are interested in & making their shopping experience more personable. That experience was amazing & I am very thankful for the opportunity. A special thank you goes to Downtown Cincinnati Inc (DCI) & City of Cincinnati Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) for putting together the Cincy Pop Shop.

 (Ray & Emerald coming to see Barcode Glam opening day at Cincy Pop Shops)(Yvette Simpson for Mayor in Cincinnati rocking Barcode Glam choker)


The Pop Shop was a great marketing strategy & my 1st experience to a physical location. If you are a small business & in the surrounding area of Cincinnati, OH you have a lot of resources available for your business. I would highly recommend you utilize POP-UP Shops. Below is a list of business which have POP-UP Shop opportunity.


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  • Kenneth Gilbert Jr.

    This is a great article about how a Pop Up Shop can help customers, especially non-millenials. I fit the bill for a customer who appreciates Pop Up Shops. I don’t like buying off line because I am a very hands on person. If I can’t get the initial feel, then I am likely not going to buy, especially from a new brand. Though I’d only shop at the Barcode Glam for my wife, I also notice a comfort level with the engagement from the business owners, which is also important as a small business owner. Thank you for sharing. Especially the three bullet points at the end.

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