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Getting to know the Woman behind Barcode Glam

Over the last year I was told by many of my friends & acquaintances to start a Blog. In my head I was like what am I going to write, will people even read my blog, & what's the big deal to have a blog.  Finally I started to pay attention to what my industry is leaning toward. People want to get to know the person behind the brand; that is the BIG deal! Well here you have it ladies & gentlemen, I Shanequa Johnson the owner of Barcode Glam writing my 1st of many blogs. Welcome to my life & my brand.

I am Shanequa Johnson 32 year old female born in Akron, OH & raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I am the owner of Barcode Glam, I also work(at the current moment) as a EMR Contractor, & I am a licensed Esthetician (Eyebrow Threading & Wax Guru). Yep I am a pretty busy woman! You probably are asking yourself, does she have a personal life?!?! The answer (at the current moment) is NOOOOOO! But I enjoy my life & I am happy. I have always been a driven women. My ultimate goal is to open Barcode Glam as a retail/ beauty bar location & have a family.

 Let get to the good stuff about me; I have a passion for fashion & beauty. I am a simple but artistic women & it is shown in my wardrobe. I can walk out the house with a pair of jean, a simple shirt, but statement shoes & accessories(hence Barcode Glam). Or it can be a lazy day & walk out the house with jogging pants, t-shirt/tank & Jordan's on.  Just all depends on the day but I never come out the house without my eyebrow & lashes on fleek. I told you I am a Esthetician & a Eyebrow Guru I cant walk out the house looking crazy. Most of the time my face is naked with just black eyeliner on. But I love to get dressed; I actually need a entire bedroom changed into a walk in closet(Future #Goals). I just have too much stuff!


Fun Facts About Me:

  • I am a Virgo my Birthday is August 25, 1984(gifts are always the #goal)
  • Favorite Movies; Belly, Bronx Tale, & any Disney Movies( I am a big kid at heart)
  • I hate to workout( but the way my back fat is set up) I have too!
  • Favorite Lip Color is Chanel- Rouge Allure Gloss #15 Sensible
  • Favorite Eyebrow Pencil is MAC- Spiked Brow Pencil
  • Favorite Color is Lime Green
  • I am a hopeless romantic but you would never know that by meeting me.
  • I just learned how to sew(hence Crown Collection on Barcode Glam)
  • I hate wasting my time!
  • I only wear stud gold earrings
  • I love everything gold when it comes to jewelry
  • I would like to own a gold brick one day
  • I am sarcastically funny
  • I dislike rude people
  • I hate rollercoasters
  • I change my hair color once every 2 years
  • My fear is to jump out of a plane
  • I don’t like working in corporate America(its too many rules)
  • My Family & Friends mean the world to me!
  • I like to have little get together at my place once a month(just another reason to have adult beverages)
  • I Love Myself
  • GOD is #1 in my life(we talk on a daily basis)

 Now you have gotten to know a little about myself; what to expect with my blog. I will have 2 categories of blog articles.  The 1st blog is called Non-Corporate Girl which is a my Lifestyle Blog. You will get to experience me; what I wear, events & activities I partake in, & what's trending in the fashion & beauty industry. Just all the fun stuff & crazy stuff I do! The second blog will be called "I Spy" blog. Since I travel a lot for work(EMR contractor), I encounter many people with a variety of style & beauty. With they're permission I am going to capture that person & moment in time. The article will be about them & why their unique style or beauty stood out to me.

I'm a lifestyle blogger now, I hope you enjoy my reality! Welcome to the Non-Corporate Girl Blog. Please SHARE SHARE SHARE & let me know your thoughts


  • Rhondalyn Primes Okoroma

    Proud of you!!! Nice work! Blog does exactly what it should – makes one want to check out! Keep it up!

  • Corbin Corbin

    You’re so gifted & it shows

  • Lynn Casimir


    Thank you for sharing a piece of who you are and being your brand. Continue to blossom and live with purpose. Passion is everything and you embody it!!

  • Shanice G

    You did good! Keep it up!!

  • Janine

    I love it!!! Can’t wait to read your upcoming blogs! ❤️

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